point History and Background

Sol Array LLC., evolved from Lite Array Inc., and occupies a singular global position in research and manufacturing of thin-film CIGS photovoltaic solar cells; drawing from a decade long experience in thin-film deposition in the flat panel display industry and in volume manufacturing, the original core management team is commissioning a fully automated, in-line deposition system for the production of CIGS solar cells. Following a history of multi-corporate relationships that included collaboration and partnerships with major research institutions, materials manufacturers and construction companies, the US based company currently engages in research, development, building of production equipment, production, marketing and sales of CIGS thin-film modules.

Confidence in our pursuit of CIGS solar cells stems from these coincidental catalysts:

  • Advent of recent commercially available solid targets;
  • Successful experiments on Pulse DC Sputtering on CIGS film stacks;
  • Decade long experiences for Pulse DC sputtering for demanding thin-film construction;
  • Decade long experiences for PLC automation for in-line vacuum system design. 
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