point Marketing Emphasis

Although a foremost exporter of conventional solar cells, China ranks low for its deployment of solar energy; the strong alliance and close cooperation between Sol Array LLC and China National Building Material Group, a major China State Owned Enterprises, are the synergistic impetuses aiming to facilitate national level influence, to broaden China’s use of renewable solar energy needs.

The core management of Sol Array has shifted over intact from the former company Lite Array Inc. and we believe that the core collaborative synergy lies in:  technology exchange, corporate learning and market positioning. Sol Array’s affiliations leverages and amplifies the core competencies of each participant, in areas of manufacturing, recruiting, process technology, marketing, research and development.

Sol Array believes global competitiveness pivots on proper balance of research, production and marketing that fuses the synergistic forces for long term endurance – where China will become a major market for solar energy consumption. Sol Array has cast its global net, firmly grounded in China as its manufacturing base, a network of technology talent pool based in the US and other European research institutions for product improvements, and advances in market expansion for China’s insatiable energy needs.

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